Associate - Sue Gravells

Sue is a learning and development specialist with over twenty years of professional experience from an eclectic learning and development arena. Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to support heads of businesses, their teams and individuals; she facilitates others to be engaged with learning opportunities, in spite of their multiple pressures and to achieve practical results beyond their initial expectations.

Until earlier this year, Sue was a Senior Manager in KPMG's Global Learning and Development team in which she operated across the Americas, Asia and the Pacifics, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. She has practical experience of working alongside a wide variety of cultures, leading international projects and teams and has a well-earned reputation as an international 'super-trainer'.

Sue is the joint Director of Corporate Energising Ltd. Corporate Energising is a successful family-run business which Sue started up in 1995. She and her husband provide specialist learning and development services and work collaboratively with other established niche service providers in the industry, both in the UK and overseas. Sue has worked extensively with clients in the Services, Consumer, Industrial and Educational markets in both public and private sectors.

Sue brings a unique energy and commitment to working on strategic people development projects; she incorporates a rigorous approach to training solutions from the 'start line' to beyond the 'finish post', however she is highly consultative. As a qualified and astute Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, Sue is highly effective at clarifying and following through on business driven outcomes from strategic L&D interventions. She combines a respected tenacious style with a 'light touch' which engages those she works with, yet provides appropriate challenge for achieving results and thriving on change.

Specialist delivery areas:

  • Executive coaching and leadership mentoring with the addition of specialist Mental Toughness coaching for high performance in high pressure situations
  • Leadership development program design and delivery
  • Team development training and coaching for increasing engagement and performance
  • Advanced Train the Trainer workshops specialising in the facilitation of experiential learning activities to accelerate workplace learning and self reliance
  • Mental Toughness Licensed User Training programs

Professional Experience:

  • Director of Corporate Energising Ltd. 1995 - 2010
  • Senior Manager in Global Learning and Development at KPMG: 2006 - 2010
  • Full time Lecturer in Further and Higher Education 1991 - 1995
  • National Program Project Leader for Local Government 1990 - 1991
  • Senior Development Training Tutor for the Bowles Rocks Trust 1986 - 1990

Continuing Professional Development summary from 2003 - 2010:

  • Licensed Trainer/Assessor for the MTQ48 psychometric tool in Mental Toughness
  • Licensed user for the ILM 7 (Integrated Leadership Model) psychometric assessment
  • ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring (Institute of Leadership and Management)
  • Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills
  • Master Practitioner in NLP and Applied PNI (Applied psychoneuroimmunology)
  • NLP Executive Coach certificate
  • Transformational Training™ certificate
  • Supervised Program tutor incorporating Transformance Coaching™ with Applied PNI