Managing Director - Graeme Leith

Graeme believes success in any field is created by people who look beyond the obvious and the orthodox; and by those who fathom the reasons why we do what we do. He has built his reputation on his ability to help his clients discover, understand and believe in their true talents, and how to best use these talents to achieve greater success.

Graeme founded The Morgan Leith Partnership in 1998, after 2 decades running the internationally acclaimed Management Training centres of Sundridge Park for PA Consulting in London, and The Woodside Management Centre, in Warwick, for Courtaulds; combined with a strong management background in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

His own specialities lie in coaching and facilitation of Strategy, Emotional Intelligence and Performance.

Graeme designs and delivers management and leadership development programmes which bring about organisational and individual success. He has worked with some of the most dynamic and effective commercial enterprises in the world with executives from Rank Films, The Halma Group, Geberit, PolyPipe, Parragon, White Cube and Ametek as well as several renowned charities, public sector bodies and housing associations.

Graeme co-authored the FT's "Handbook for Management", contributing his speciality, Team-building.

Graeme's unique approach has been sharpened and highlighted by his own experience of recovery from serious injury, that left him paraplegic. This has lent authority to his work in the leadership of change, managing performance and maintaining motivation - all key subjects for business today.